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Customer Insights

Deliver a personalized experience
Better understand and engage with customers by giving employees the relevant insights they need from intelligent customer analytics.

Enhance employee productivity
Give your frontline employees easy access to intelligent insights on how to best serve your customers.

Know customers better
Get a 360-degree view of your customers to predict their needs and optimize the customer experience.

Improve collaboration and consistency
Get marketing, sales, and service teams on the same page through a single, easy-to-reference dashboard.

Gather customer insights
Connect disparate data silos for a comprehensive look at your customers—collecting customer insights and interactions in one place.
Enable any employee to get predictive insights without relying on a team of data scientists
Let employees embed customer insights into the app of their choice
GatherCreate visualizations
Create rich visualizations that illustrate your customer’s engagement and user journey in one easy-to-reference dashboard. No need to sort through numerous disparate data silos.
Enable any employee to prepare and visualize data with ease


Engage customers
Analyze your customer’s demographics, purchase history, and interactions to deliver and fine-tune relevant offers and content using customer intelligence and built-in predictive analytics.
Deliver personalized, relevant customer content
Better target your marketing resources by identifying the correct customer opportunities

Monitor relationships
Strengthen your customer relationships by tracking interactions to quickly identify at-risk customers and effectively focus resources on them.
Manage every data point from individual customers in real time


Target audiences with customer intelligence
Identify hidden opportunities to efficiently target your marketing resources by customer needs, interests, and demographics.
Cross-sell and upsell with predictive analytics
Tailor experiences on the spot to increase satisfaction


Customer Insights