36522-Service Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

This course focuses and explores Knowledge-base articles, the Interactive Service Hub with real time dashboards as well as some of the core analytical tools to provide insights on how to improve Customer Service.
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Course Length: 07 Hours 16 Minutes 22 Seconds

Course Outline

Service Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

This course prepares you for Microsoft Dynamics MB2-718 and helps prepare you for assessment Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Customer Service..

At Course Completion
The goal of this course is to enable students to:

  • Search for articles within the knowledge base and associate them with a case
  • Resolve cases quick by using knowledge base articles
  • Create, manage, and maintain knowledge base article templates
  • Examine the process of creating, modifying, and publishing knowledge base articles
  • Develop how to properly format knowledge base articles through a template and the Engagement Hub
  • Demonstrate how to attach knowledge base articles to emails
  • Define how the Interactive Service Hub can significantly improve the quality of service for your organization
  • Explore the features of Multi-Stream Dashboards and how they affect the customer service experience
  • Determine how Single-Stream Dashboards can be utilized to best organize important service information
  • Manage queues and cases from streams within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Discuss how to create and configure interactive dashboards
  • Discover how to work with Advanced Find
  • Identify how to best work with Editable Grids
  • Work with the Report Wizard
  • Utilize Excel by exporting data and using Excel Templates