36523-Unified Service Desk in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

The focus of this course is on using Dynamics 365 to configure the basic foundation components of Unified Service Desk, including Hosted Controls, Action Calls, Toolbars, and Windows Navigation Rules.
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Course Length: 04 Hours 08 Minutes 22 Seconds

Course Outline

Unified Service Desk in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

This course prepares you for Microsoft Dynamics MB2-718 and helps prepare you for assessment Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Customer Service..

At Course Completion
The goal of this course is to enable students to:

  • How to install Unified Service Desk.  This includes selecting the correct Sample Data package based on the type of environment you want to deploy   
  • Provide an overview of the basic configuration capabilities from inside Dynamics 365
  • How to leverage Hosted Controls, including required Hosted Controls and common controls used in most environments 
  • Explore how to use UII Actions and Action Calls to execute functionality in the application
  • Work with and create Toolbars to launch Action Calls
  • How to use Events to trigger functionality in the application
  • Explore the difference and relationships between Replacement Parameters and Data Parameters in the application
  • Using the Debugger to perform basic troubleshooting, and testing
  • Provide guidance on the next steps available to create more detailed and targeted solutions using additional controls such as session management, Agent Scripts, and custom development