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Mastering VBA programming Using Microsoft Access

This course will teach Visual Basic for Application (VBA) programmers how to develop applications by using Microsoft® Office and Access.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 for Retail in eCommerce Stores Development and Customization

This course on Microsoft Dynamics for e-commerce: Customization and Development provides lessons and labs on how to customize the e-commerce site. Additionally, this course also provides information on architecture, main components and best practices for development on e-commerce site.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 POS Development and Customization

The main objectives of the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail in Brick and Mortar Stores course is to understand the development and customization of Retail POS.

Mastering MFC Advanced Development Using Microsoft Visual C++

This course will teach C++ programmers how to develop applications by using Microsoft® Foundation Class (MFC) Library and the Microsoft Visual C++® development environment.

Mastering MFC Fundamentals Using Microsoft Visual C++

This course covers the fundamentals of the Microsoft® Foundation Class (MFC) libraries. It is the entry-level course in the Microsoft Visual C++®/MFC curriculum and serves as a prerequisite to an intermediate-level course.

C++ Component Development Using the Active Template Library 3.0 Functional Specification

This course will teach programmers how to build component-based solutions using the Component Object Model (COM), the Active Template Library 3.0 (ATL), and Microsoft® Visual C++®.