Implementing Business Logics Using complete MDX in Microsoft SQL server Data Warehousing

This course enables you to be a specialist in Microsoft SQL server Data Warehousing.
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Course Length: 05 Hours 45 Minutes 38 Seconds
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Course Outline

Working with OLAP cubes by Using MDX in Microsoft SQL Server 

Implementing Business Logic with MDX in Microsoft SQL Server

Module 1: OLAP Review

Module 2: MDX Foundation

Module 3: MDX Expressions

Conditional Expressions

Module 4: Retrieving Values From a Cube

Demo: Calculate Percent of Total Calculations

Module 5: Creating Simple MDX Queries

Module 6: Creating and Manipulating Sets

Using Sets Manipulation Functions

Using Subquery Set Functions

Order Function

Module 7: Using Aggregation Functions

Using Time Set Functions

Module 8: No video

Module 9: Using Calculated Cells