Mastering VBA programming Using Microsoft Access

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This course will teach Visual Basic for Application (VBA) programmers how to develop applications by using Microsoft® Office and Access.
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    Course Length: 05 Hours 06 Minutes 16 Seconds
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    Course Outline

    This course is intended for individuals who are interested in development and programming using VBA.

    Mastering Microsoft Access 2000 Programming - Course Overview
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming - Overview of Access Programming
    Demo and Overview of Modules and Procedures
    Creating Sub Procedures and Declaring Variables
    Initializing Variables and Obtaining Data from User
    Logical Operators and Using Debugging Tools 
    Using Help
    Chapter 2: Responding to the User Actions,Event Driven Programming
    Event Procedures, Creating an Event Procedure, Form Events, Control Events
    Objects, Properties and Methods, Obtaining Control Values
    Setting Control Properties, Using Control methods, Using DoCMD
    Chapter 3: Validating Data
    Input Mask, Built-in Validation, Code Level Validation
    Chapter 4: Using Functions
    Creating Functions, Defining Variable Scope
    Chapter 5: Debugging Tools
    Demo and Review
    Chapter 6: Handling Run-Time Errors
    Chapter 7: Looping Through Code
    Chapter 8: Working with Records, Understanding Recordsets
    Accessing Data, Creating Recordset Objects
    Referencing Fields and Data, Manipulating Data (Insert, Update, Delete)
    Demo for Insert, Update and Delete
    Chapter 9: Finalizing your Access Application
    Setting Startup Options, Startup Form, Splash Screen, Packaging for Delivery
    Compacting Database, Database Splitter