Microsoft BizTalk Server

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This course covers the fundamentals of Microsoft BizTalk Server
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    Course Length: 10 Hours 23 Minutes 30 Seconds
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    Course Outline

    Microsoft BizTalk Server 

    Building Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 Solutions

    Module 1: Introduction to BizTalk Server 2002

    History of BizTalk Server 

    Tools and Services

    Integrating BizTalk Server 2002 with a Web Server

    Module 2: Creating a Specification by Using BizTalk Editor

    Demo: Create a Specification (XML Schema)

    Create a Schema for a Flat File

    Working with Instance Documents

    Module 3: Mapping Data by Using BizTalk Mapper

    Demo: Creating Links in a MAP

    Save, Verify and Compile a Map

    Module 4: Exchange of Documents by Using BizTalk Messaging Manager

    Organizations and Applications

    Document Definitions and Envelopes

    Module 5: Submitting Documents to BizTalk Server 2002

    Demo: Adding a File and MSMQ Receive Function

    Submitting Documents Programatically

    Module 6: Building Business-Process by Using BizTalk Orchestration Designer

    Business Process

    Configuring Implementation Shapes

    Demo: Adding Shapes to XLANG

    Defining Messages

    Demo: Short-Lived Transaction

    Demo: Timed Transaction

    Module 7: Developing Application Integration Components

    Pipeline Component

    Demo: Creating a Pipline Component

    Using AIC With BizTalk Messaging

    Demo: Creating an AIC

    Module 8: Integrating BizTalk Server 2002 with Web Services

    Demo: Create a Web Service

    What is a Web Service and SOAP?

    Demo: Invoke a Web Service from XLANG 

    Calling BizTalk from a Web Service

    Module 9: BizTalk Accelerators and Adapters

    Module 10: Deploying and Managing BizTalk Server 2002 Solutions

    Demo: Manage and Deploy BizTalk Application

    Module 11: Methodology for BizTalk Projects