Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

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This course covers the fundamentals of Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
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    Course Length: 07 Hours 01 Minutes 31 Seconds
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    Course Outline

    Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 

    Module 1: Overview of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

    Module 2: Planning and Deploying a Single-Site Architecture

    Extending the Active Directory Schema

    Overview of Resource Discovery

    Configuration Manager Log files

    Demo: Running Prerequisites Checker

    Demo: Installing Configuration Manager Prerequisites

    Demo: Preparing to Deploy a Configuration Manager 2007 Site

    Demo: Extending the Active Directory Schema for Configuration Manager

    Demo: Assiging Security for AD System Configugration Container

    Demo: Installing Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

    Demo: Verifying a Successful Configuration Manager Site Server Installation

    Demo: Installing Configuration Manager 2007 R3

    Demo: Managing Users 

    Demo: Configuring Boundaries and Discovery Methods

    Demo: Using the ConfigMgr Service Manager

    Demo: Reviewing Log Files with Trace32

    Demo: Reviewing Discovery Status Messages and Configuring Status Messages

    Module 3: Planning for and Completing Client Deployment

    Verify Configuration Manager 2007 Client Deployment

    Demo: Deploying Configuration Manager 2007 Clients

    Demo: Verifying Client Deployment

    Module 4: Inventory Collection, Software Metering, and Asset Intelligence

    How Does Software Collection Inventory Works?

    Troubleshooting Client Inventory Collection 

    Overview of Asset Management

    What is Software Metering?

    Demo: Configuring and Managing Hardware Inventory

    Demo: Modifying Hardware Inventory Collection

    Demo: Configuring and Managing Software Inventory

    Demo: Configuring Asset Intelligence 

    Demo: Customizing and Viewing Asset Intelligence Reports

    Demo: Configuring Software Metering

    Module 5: Querying and Reporting Data

    Managing Data Queries

    Overview of SQL Reporting Services

    Overview of Client Status Reporting

    Demo: Using Queries and Reports

    Demo: Using SQL Reporting Services

    Demo: Installing and Using Client Status Reporting

    Module 6: Distributing Software Using Microsoft SCCM

    Planning Distribution Points

    Overview of Collections

    What are Packages and Programs

    Client Policy and Advertisements

    Demo: Preparing for Software Distribution

    Demo: Creating and Configuring a Collection

    Demo: Creating a Package and Configuring Programs

    Demo: Deploying Applications by Using Software Distribution

    Module 7: Deploying Virtual Applications Using Microsoft SCCM

    Demo: Preparing the Infrastructure for Application Virtualization

    Demo: Configure Advertised Programs Clients Agent

    Demo: Launching and Monitoring a Virtual Application Program

    Module 8: Deploying and Managing Software Updates

    Software Update Client Agent Settings

    Demo: Deploying and Managing Software Updates

    Module 9: Deploying Operating Systems Using Microsoft SCCM

    What are The Parts of a Task Sequence?

    Creating a Reference Computer

    What is USMT?

    Adding an OS Image to SCCM

    Demo: Preparing the Reference Computer for Capture and Creating Packages 

    Demo: Managing Drivers

    Demo: Preparing the Environment for Operating System Deployment

    Demo: Capturing a Reference Computer

    Demo: Performing an In-Place Upgrade Using Hard Links

    Module 10: Working with Desired Configuration Management

    Demo: Configuring Desired Configuration Management

    Module 11: Configuring Wake On LAN, Power Management, and Remote Tools

    Demo: Configuring and Using Remote Tools

    Module 12: Planning and Configuring a Multiple Site Hierarchy

    Methods for Installing a Secondary Site

    What is Client Roaming?

    Removing and Uninstalling a Primary Site

    Demo: Planning a SCCM Hierarchy and Installing a Primary Child Site

    Demo: Installing Secondary Sites and Proxy Management Points

    Demo: Roaming Between Configuration Manager 2007 Sites

    Module 13: Maintaining and Monitoring Microsoft SCCM

    Expected Server Resource Usage for SCCM

    Demo: Backing Up and Repairing a Primary Site System

    Module 14: Microsoft SCCM Native Mode and IBCM

    Certificate Enrollment Methods

    Deploying a Web Server Certificate to Site System

    Overview of IBCM

    Demo: Configuring the Certificate Templates and Enrolling Certificates Required

    Demo: Changing From Mixed Mode to Native Mode

    Demo: Configuring a Site for Internet-Based Client Management