Setup Ledger and Work with Currencies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations (Dynamics AX)

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This course discusses Commission Calculation, Prospects, Sales Quotations, BOM Calculation, Item Reservations and Picking Process In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
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    Course Length: 00 Hours 23 Minutes 05 Seconds
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    Course Outline

    Setup Ledger and Work with Currencies in Microsoft Dynamics AX

    This course prepares you for Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade MB6-892 and Financials MB6-893 Certification Exam.

    This module discusses the following topics:

    At Course Completion
    The goal of this course is to enable students to:
    • Setup Ledger Currencies
    • Modifying Number Sequences
    • Triangulation Currencies
    • Denomination Currency
    • Currency Converter
    • Office Interoperability
    • Rounding Rules
    • Currency Gender
    • Currency Exchange Rates
    • Exchange Rate Types
    • Import currency exchange rate
    • Realized gain and loss
    • Unrealized gain and loss
    • Foreign currency revaluation
    • Currency Revaluation Accounts
    • Ledger Accounting Currency Conversation
    • Ledger Reporting Currency Conversation