About us

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Our mission:

To help partners and customers implement and use Dynamics 365 business applications. We strongly believe the project implementation should not take years! We have completed the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from presales to go-live as in a matter of months, with our unique methodology IntelliGuideTM which reduces the TCO for the customer. We offer the following services as part of our IntelliGuideTM methodology; 


• Consulting Services: Our team of experts know the ins and outs of Dynamics 365 business applications. We are specialized in different vertical industries such as but not limited to Manufacturing, Retail, Commerce, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Public Sector & Government, Finance, Project Operations, Connected Field Service, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Central, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality and more.


• Training Services: We educate and train end users, technical and business decision makers on how their business processes will run on Dynamics 365 business applications, prior or during the implementation. This helps your team have more effective conversation with your partner's consultants.


Our Commitment by using IntelliGuideTM:

  • We strongly believe that the implementation of Dynamics 365 should not take years!
  • We know various vertical industry very well, therefore we will find the challenges of the current legacy system and will address them in the new Dynamics 365 implementation by avoiding unnecessary customization and extension to the system.
  • We work side-by-side with your team, from end users to technical and business decision makers, to meet challenges head on, by hearing your needs and challenges you face in your legacy system.
  • Our great skills and expertise helps find alternative ways to address gaps in the system to match your specific business process needs without or with minimal customization and extension. 
  • We'll build prototypes as a proof of concept to make sure we have captured everything based on what you need, then design and implement your modern end-to-end solutions that empowers your business for a sustainable future.

Why us?

Whether you are a customer or Microsoft Partner, we can assist you in all functional areas of Dynamics 365 business applications and power platform.

  • If you are a Microsoft partner we can help you from presale, to discovery phase, help architecting your solution that fits your customer business needs, and analyzing the business processes to reduce the discovered gaps by alternative and innovative solution to avoid unnecessary modification during implementation, and help you go live on time and stay in your budget.
  • If you are a customer, we can educate you and teach you how to do your business with Dynamics 365 business applications, piror or during the implementation so you can have more effective conversation with your partner's consultants. 
  • Our consulting and training services as well as our self-paced videos are designed to empower you, regardless of your role as a solution architect, functional consultant, implementer or efficient end-user.
  • Our videos will exceed your expectations. Our method of teaching has revolutionized the way you learn in a simple, straight forward, efficient manner based on real-life scenarios. We explain step by step approach and incorporate real-life scenarios with deep dive discussion.

It is always a good idea to get a second opinion before committing to expensive customization, do not you agree? Feel free to Contact us or call (949) 424-6114 for more information.

Who have used our services?

With over 35 years of experience, Guide To Learn is the leader in training and consulting services for enterprise professionals worldwide.

We are proud to serve over 1700 Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers in all areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 such as core functionality, finance, supply chain, advanced warehouse management, inventory, retail, commerce, public sector, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing. lean manufacturing, service management, project operations, services industries, sales, marketing, business central and more.

We have served many customers and partners in training and consulting services worldwide including but not limited to;