Introduction to Microsoft Windows CE

The goal of this course is to provide developers the solid foundation they need to develop high-quality embedded solutions using Microsoft Windows CE.
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DEMO: This is a sample video of this course.

Course Length: 06 Hours 05 Minutes 01 Seconds
The paid version of this course contains videos of following topics: 

This course is intended for system integrators and system administrators within OEM organizations who are responsible for building and configuring the Microsoft Windows CE .NET platform.

At Course Completion
After completing the course, students will be able to:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Windows CE 3.0, Architecture

Virtual Memory, Object Store

Chapter 2: Configuring Windows CE

Demo: Setup The CE Device

Modifying a Platform

Modifying Configuration files

Understanding the Build Process

Adding Component to the Platform Builder

CECInfo Block

Demo: CEC Editor

Chapter 3: Preparing an Applictaion Development Environment

Chapter 4: OEM Adaption Layer (OAL)

Boot Loader

OAL, Stages for Porting CE, Kernel

OAL Overview, OEMInit, Power Management

Chapter 5: Implementing Real-Time Systems

Interrupt Handling

Single ISR, SYSINTR, Multiple ISRs

Interrupt Service Thread (IST), OEMInit, Threads

Chapter 6: Debugging a Windows CE Image, Debug Zones

Demo: Debug Zones

Chapter 7: Understanding Device Derives

Device Power Management

Memory Management Functions

Device Driver Interrupt Handling (ISR)

Interrupt Service Thread (IST)

Display Driver Architecture

Chapter 8: Connecting Network-Enabled Windows CE Device

Web Server Support in Windows CE

Demo: Configure Web Srever for Windows CE

Configure COM and DCOM in Windows CE


Before attending this course, students must have:

Some knowledge of Embedded platforms is helpful but not necessary