Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming (VB.NET)

This course covers the fundamentals of the Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
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DEMO: This is a sample video of this course.

Course Length: 06 Hours 05 Minutes 25 Seconds
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Course Outline

Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming with Microsoft .NET 

Module 1: Getting Started

.NET Platform, .NET Framework

What is Visual Studio?

Demo: Application Templates, Create Windows Applictaion

Module 2: Working with Forms and Controls

Modal and Modeless Forms

Module 3: Using Variables and Arrays

Converting Data Types

Module 4: Working with Procedures

Module 5: Decision Structures and Loops

Module 6: Handling Errors and Exceptions

Module 7: Validating User Input - no video

Module 8: Enhancing the User Interface

Module 9: Web Forms and XML Web Services

Module 10: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Demo: Create a Class, Shared Methods

Module 11: Using ADO.NET

Module 12: Working with Forms and Controls